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Slide and negative scanner

Slide and Negative Scanner

Do you have lots of old film negatives or slides that you’d like converted to digital format? Then you need to buy a slide and negative scanner. This device will make it a breeze to preserve your cherished memories for easy access in the future.






When you’re considering buying a slide and negative scanner (sometimes also referred to as a ‘negative slide scanner’ or a 'slide and negative converter'), the good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on it.  In fact, the typical customer is well-advised not to buy a super high-end negative and slide scanner – leave those for the professionals.  The high end versions are usually quite complex, and they take a while for the scanning process to go through its steps.   


 negative slide scanner 

Instead, the reasonably priced slide and negative scanners that we have featured on this site do the job adequately for most users, at a fraction of the cost, and much quicker. 


Slide and Negative Scanners - Buying Considerations


Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you make your slide and negative converter purchase:

  • What resolution quality should you get?  Most people recommend one that can produce pictures of 4000 dpi resolution. 
  • Should you get a dedicated slide and negative scanner or use a flatbed scanner? Most people recommend that if you’re scanning slides and negatives, you use only a dedicated slide scanner. However, if most of your scanning will be actual photo prints, a flatbed might work out fine. 

 slide and negative scanner

slide and negative scanners 

 slide and negative converter

  • Does the slide and negative scanner feature dust / scratch removal? One of the benefits of digital photos is the ability to touch up the you might as well get a scanner that allows you to get rid of defects in the slide, such as scratches. 

One of the best models available with this feature is the Kodak Digital ICE, although Vuescan and Silverfast do an adequate job, too.


 Video Above: A presentation of a slide scanner from a company called EU3C.


  • What size are your slides? Most slides come in the same size. However, there are some non-standard slide sizes out there. If you have these, you need to make sure that your scanner will scan the entire area. The Nikon 9000ED and EPSON 4990 will scan both standard and non-standard size slides.


Video Above: Discusses a specific slide and negative scanner from Ion.



We’ve featured a couple top selling slide and negative scanner and converter models in the pictures on this site, and also specifically discuss the Pacific Image and iConvert scanners; take a look! Also, feel free to check out the slide viewers featured on the next page; these are great for any required one-time, immediate viewing of your old slides


 slide and negative converters

negative slide scanner 

 negative slide scanners